2016 Digital Marketing Trends: 5 Key Takeaways from 54 Experts


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Anyone that knows me well knows I love my podcasts! Every morning without fail, I listen to a digital marketing podcast on the drive to work. It preps my brain and puts me in a good mindset for the day thinking about different web marketing concepts, and how they can be applied to our clients that may benefit from them the most.

I’d love to share with you a podcast that got me fired up for coming back to work in January after the Christmas holidays. If it can do that, it must be good right?!  

The podcast had 54 different marketing experts weigh in and give their 2 cents on what web marketing trends we should expect to see in 2016. You can view the full interview here with host David Bain, Digital Marketing Trends for 2016 from 54 Different Experts.

While some of the stuff may feel like it goes pretty deep down the digital marketing rabbit hole, it is information that can be applied in different size businesses and across industries to keep you up to date with the changing online market. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 5 key takeaways from the podcast.

The year of conversion rate optimisation

Data-driven marketing

Personalised customer experiences

Authenticity: being human


1. The Year of Conversion Rate Optimisation

One expert among several, Calin Yablonski (8:15) predicts it to be “the year of conversion rate optimisation.” While marketers are producing content (i.e. blogs, videos, gated content) as a way to drive traffic to their site, they are going to increasingly need to optimise for conversions to take advantage of that traffic.

“Because traffic is becoming harder to get and more expensive in some cases, you’re going to have to convert better. Otherwise your revenues, your profitability will go down.” -David Bain

2. Data driven marketing

A data-driven approach to online marketing is expected to be more powerful in the upcoming year. We’re using Google Analytics and different platforms to track the data, but business owners are looking for their digital agency experts to make sense of the data and align it to business goals.

Even the ability to use attribution modelling here allows one to see what channels are producing the best conversion rates and how marketing dollars can best be allocated. In short, business owners are looking for decision support from the experts they rely on to help guide their management decisions. One experts who touched on this is Olga Andrienko (26:05).

3. Personalised Customer Experiences

Personalising the customer experience is one thing that screams out to me from the guru’s comments. At least 3 (probably more) of them said something about it, including Liam Martin (17:20), David Horne (21:54) and Cosmin Negrescu (40:05).

Being able to understand who your customers are and communicating to them in a unique and personalised way will be more important. Utilising your CRM and email systems to get a picture of what interactions have taken place with that customer and being able to give them what they need. Being timely and relevant with your customers is key.

4. Authenticity: being human

There’s so much content online that’s been perfectly edited and produced and as a result this can tend to feel a bit fake to customers. What’s more is the worry over everything being perfect can stop a lot of businesses (particularly smaller businesses) from marketing online.

However, just getting out there and doing something to actively promote your business is better than nothing. People crave authenticity. (Ilise Benun 15:50) Building real relationships through online mediums (i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) can go a long way.

5. Mobile

With “mobilegeddon” approaching, 2016 will see marketers consider how their content is viewed and interacted with on mobile devices. In April 2015 Google made changes to its search algorithm to be mobile-friendly and will give a boost to websites with mobile responsive design.

Expert Martin Waxman (37:35) says he’s going to pay attention to what he calls “micro-moments.” You know, when you first wake up and lean over to check your phone or you sit on the loo way longer than you should because you’re caught up in reading a reddit thread.

As marketers and business owners, this suggests we need to think about our customer’s use of mobile devices in those moments and create stories that are engaging and shareable.

“It’s combining metrics and the interactions together that’s been fantastic for us.” – Liam Martin

There were many more great insights and trends in the podcast, but this hopefully gives you a great bite size piece to take away from the podcast. If you like what you’ve seen I highly recommend you check it out.

I’m particularly excited about the concept of being able to personalise customer experiences and using the tools to your advantage to do this well. Our digital marketing team is keen to see how the year unfolds and the world of digital marketing changes.


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