Zimpleweb wins 2016 Digital Agency of the Year!!!


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I'm definitely not the most frequent blogger from the Zimpleweb team, but I couldn't help but jump on the Zimpleweb site to share the exciting news about the NEWi awards for digital creativity.

Zimpleweb entered the NEWi awards for the first time this year and we're totally honoured to receive the award for 'Website of the Year' with our front and backend build of theahc.org.au. It's a great accolade for Zimpleweb. The AHC site is a testament to the digital unravelling and rebuilding capabilities of our team. You can check it out here on our portfolio.

Secondly, we won 2016 Best Digital Agency award, which is a massive achievement given the quality of the other agencies who were finalists.

It made me sit back and quickly reflect on the journey for the last 4 years.

We started in my brother's garage, mainly on weekends (especially Saturday nights) working on small sites and starting to understand and derive methods to utilise the complex google algorithm.

Fast forward 4 years and we're a team of 14 individuals who truly have a passion for the art and science that is required to being successful online. We're a Google Partner, we're winning awards and we're working with some of Australia's biggest businesses to create and deliver amazing digital based solutions using some of the most cutting-edge technology available. 

I really want to take this opportunity to thank the Zimpleweb team for their efforts. Over the years we've truly grown into a world class and competent Digital Agency with a great bunch of clients and projects at the helm. I'm sure the guys would all agree, we love coming to work, we love what we do and its only going to get bigger and better (and probably more complex) from here.

I'd like to thank all our clients who have worked with Zimpleweb, especially those who started their digital experience with us and are still with working with us after all these years of growth and change. We're proud to be working with such a great diversity of businesses throughout Australia and can't wait to continue our digital journey with you, achieving bigger and better results as a product of understanding your goals and awesome digital work.

Thanks to the NEWi awards and the people and judges who voted for Zimpleweb!

Watch this space!

SIDE NOTE: A massive shout-out to our engineers from the Zimpleweb programming team for the Zimpleweb CMS that is running on the site. I'm using it now in the passenger seat of my car as we head up the coast, and it's kick-ass!

Founder / Creative Director

Blake worked in various agencies, big and small, in Melbourne & Sydney. He brings 12 years of experience working with global brands such as Pfizer, Roche, World Vision & Toyota to the zimplex. His creativity, flair and photoshop skills make him a great digital designer.

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