3 Australian Businesses that are Winning at Social Media (And What You Can Learn from Them)


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What does it take to be a winning brand on social media?

We look at 3 Australian brands that are doing it right and break down the concepts with real examples so you can incorporate these tactics into your own company's social media strategy.

Boost Juice

Facebook: 617,943 Likes
Instagram: 65K Followers
Engagement Rate: 135%
Average Weekly Growth: 3.5%

Lately, Boost Juice has been popping up in my Facebook newsfeed often (along with the newsfeeds of hundreds of thousands of other users).

In fact, it’s not just that I’m coming across it but that I’m actively searching for it every day.  Why?

Because I’m a sucker for contests and cute animal pics!  Who doesn’t love a mini pig?  Or smiling chimpanzee?

boost-juice-minipig       boost-juice-chimp

They are currently running a social media contest called the “What’s Your Name Game?” where uses enter their name in a draw and if picked, everyone who shares that name gets a free Boost juice that day.  A seemingly simple, yet so effective campaign.

Let’s break it down into what they’re doing right.

Two Way Conversation
The way Boost Juice interacts with their customers is fantastic.  They have a two-way conversation and this humanizes their brand so that fans want to interact.  They use a conversational tone that matches that of their target market and fans.

See an example below of how they respond to fans with punchy language and humour to match their brand voice.


Selling through Social Media and Reengaging Customers
By holding the “What’s Your Name Game” contest, they are getting fans with that name into the store for their free boost.

What a great way to reengage customers who haven’t visited in awhile to wet their appetite (literally) and get them purchasing again.  This increases the likelihood for customers to make repeat purchases.

Building an Email List
When fans enter their name in the contest, they can login using their Facebook profile and/or entering an alternate email address.  Boost Juice captures their email addresses they can then use later on to nurture and sell to fans via email.

Now they’ve increased their number of touch points with customers so as a fan I’ll see them not only in my Facebook newsfeed but also in my email inbox.

Boost Juice could also be using this information to create Facebook audiences they can later advertise to with relevant messaging.

Boost Juice have done a great job engaging their fans on social media and I have no doubt it “boosts” their sales too.

Mayvers Foods

Facebook: 13,467 Likes
Instagram: 44.8K Followers
Engagement Rate: 0.61%
Average Weekly Growth: 0.87%

Mayvers foods makes a variety of healthy super spreads and they’ve gotten a lot of love on social media.

Let’s explore why. 

Showing the Product in Use
One mistake brands make is simply showing the product, but if you can show the product in use it feels more real to the customer

Mayvers shows photos of food creations you can make with their products and provides links to recipes.  Everything from cookies, to salad dressings, to bliss balls. And the photos are worth drooling over!

Social Networking
Because they tag the chef or baker to give recipe credit, they are also associating with other influential brands or individuals known as social networking.  Mayvers can leverage off these other audiences to grow their following even more.

Featuring Fan Photos
Mayvers features fan photos in their weekly ‘Travelling Happiness Jar’ competition.  Fans submit photos of a jar of Mayvers spread either in a food creation or travelling somewhere (usually outdoors on a hike since it’s a health food) with the hashtag #travellinghappinessjar. 


Fans love the chance to participate and win. Mayvers loves the engagement and that they get bonus free content/images to use.

Encouraging fans to participate builds that relationship between brand and customer.  Building that relationship and nurturing it is the key to winning brand advocates - those people who talk favourably about your brand/product to other people.

Ask Questions for Engagement
Asking simple pick A or B type questions is an easy way to get fans to engage.  We live in a quizzical world and people can’t help but respond and seize the opportunity to share their opinion. 

In this example, Mayvers asks fans which flavour they prefer; a post with 260 likes and 188 comments in which people rave about their favourite.


What questions can your brand use in your social media? 

Mr Rental

Facebook : 53,162 Likes
Engagement Rate: 1.9%
Average Weekly Rate: 2.1%

Although not a brand I personally follow, I have to admit they seem to be killing it on social media!  The king of memes, Mr Rental posts content that is timely and uses humour to resonate with their audience.

Timely Content
Mr Rental posts content that is timely and in tune with current pop culture trends and memes.  In the example below, they poke fun at the iPhone 7 being headphone-jack-free.


With 1.5k reactions and 81 shares, it’s safe to say Mr Rental knows their audience well.

Two-Way Conversation and Brand Personality
Like our other brands, Mr Rental does a great job of having a two-way conversation and responding to fans.  Mr Rental, though, has a sort of chubby friendly character that exudes personality.

In having this character they are able to both humanise their brand and speak in a distinguished brand voice.  Mr Rental says things like “cheerio”, “my dear friends,” and “stay splendid.”  Furthermore, it gives them the freedom to sell and promote products without coming across as salesy.

See this example where they reference the tv show “The Bachelor”with the pun “The Bachelorent” and respond to fans with a fun-loving tone.


Mr Rental shows that your brand doesn't have to be glamourous to build an online audience and do social media well while having fun.

Key Takeaways
Let’s round up the key takeaways you can learn from these Australian brands and use in your own company social media.

1. Have a two-way conversation and respond to fans
2. Use your brand voice
3. Show your product in use
4. Tag influencers/fans to leverage off of their audience and give recognition
5. Social media contests to boost engagement
6. Feature fan photos and encourage them to use your hashtag

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