3 Web Design Trends for 2017


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We’re already a month into 2017 and some of the industry’s predicted design trends are in full force but the following trends are expected to grow upon any momentum they had coming into this year and in the end become major parts of web design in 2017.

  1. Mobile First Design
  2. Larger Body Font
  3. Card-Based Layouts

Mobile First Design

As mentioned in our ‘2017 Digital Marketing Strategies You Should Be Aware Of’ article last month, mobile continues to drive a significant amount of web traffic which will prove to be a major influence on web design this year.

We already know that Google is prioritising websites that provide users with quality experiences on mobile but in addition to that Google has announced that it is splitting its index into separate mobile and desktop versions and this is happening soon - within the first few months of 2017.

What all this means for web designers is a new approach to the design process. Designers are now, with the help of website data, starting their web designs in the mobile orientation/environment first, and then proceeding into the desktop layouts.

BONUS: Facebook & Google Content Destinations (Instant Articles & AMP)

In 2017, Facebook and Google will become even more important for the consumption of content.

Content destinations such as, Instant Articles and AMPs (Accelerated Mobile Pages), are links that open within Facebook and Google in their own article formats - not just jumping off points. These content destinations are setting standards for fast loading speed and minimal UI.

Everything is pulled back or made cleaner in order for the pages to operate at fast loading speeds. Therefore designers of these experiences, in these environments, will have to get clever as they aren’t provided with the same capabilities that can be found on a normal web page.

Larger Body Font

Body text, being a key component on a website even if sometimes people only read the headlines, is important to be legible and large enough to communicate the bulk of a message or story. These days the majority of websites are displaying their body text anywhere in the range of 14-18px with Google recommending body fonts being no smaller than 16px.

In 2017, however, we predict to see more web designers looking to adopt larger body text at around 20px or even greater as they aim to consider more environments their designs could be displayed such as larger devices and desktops along with smart TVs.

Card Based Layouts

We saw this container-style design introduced last year with Facebook and Google, along with a few others but it never fully took off in the mainstream web design world.

In 2017, with even more focus put on mobile and responsive interfaces we can see the card-based layouts becoming an increasingly popular option for designers to present and group information in a more personalised and visually pleasing manner.

Aside from being easy on the eyes, cards are one of the most flexible layout formats for creating consistent experiences which ultimately enhances the User Experience.

At Zimpleweb we are data driven and inspired to always create purposeful websites that have the end user in mind. This is why we’re focussing on implementing the above trends into our websites over the course of 2017.

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Graduating from the CATC Design School, Sydney, in 2014, Dillon already has the experience of designing over 150 business websites. Although his expertise lie in digital design, whilst studying Dillon founded his own magazine which resulted in him being awarded the DIA (Design Institute of Australia) Professional Encouragement Award.

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