5 Reasons Your SEO Expert and PPC Expert Should be Communicating


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You often hear people say, “What’s more important — SEO or PPC?” or come across articles with titles like “The Showdown: SEO vs PPC” as if the two channels are mutually exclusive or as if they’re in competition with each other. They’re not! In fact, SEO and PPC work better together. 

At Zimpleweb we’re a full service agency, which means we offer expert website services all under one roof. By ‘under one roof’ we mean that our team works across different fields and can easily turn around to communicate with one another. This allows for rapid collaboration and testing and challenging ideas to produce the best outcomes for our clients. 

If you’re using one agency for your SEO and another agency for your PPC, you could be missing out on the value that comes from these two channel specialists working together.

Here are 5 reasons your SEO expert and PPC expert should be communicating with each other.

1. Increase Visibility
The main benefit of doing both SEO and PPC is increased visibility on the search engine results page (SERP). By having both organic rankings and paid ads your business is able to take up more of the SERP’s prime ‘real estate’ and dominate the page overall. Users are more likely to click on your business over a competitor. This can lead towards what’s described as a 1+1=3 phenomenon; where the increased visibility greatly increases your traffic volume. 

2. Align Keyword Strategy
While there may be some keyword differences, your SEO and PPC campaigns will often share the majority of keywords. By having your SEO and PPC experts talking to each other, you can ensure your keyword strategy is aligned with what you really want to communicate about your business and get better keyword research overall. Additionally, the experts will have a greater data set to analyse and cross-reference to see what’s working well and optimise performance.

3. Match Ad Copy with Landing Page Headline and/or Content
When a user clicks on a PPC/AdWords ad for a particular search query, they have an expectation to arrive at a landing page that provides a response to that query.  If your ad copy and landing page SEO elements are not coordinated, the user may feel a disconnect and ‘bounce’ or leave the page quickly without interacting with your content. Additionally, this affects your AdWords keyword quality score so you’ll be rewarded with better results if you take it into consideration.

4. Test Keyword Strategies
Because change is easier and more quickly effected in PPC than in SEO, you can use PPC to test new keyword strategies and evaluate performance before incorporating them across your SEO strategy.  For example, you could try out user intent keywords (such as “buy product x”) in your PPC campaigns and measure how well they convert. If they perform well, you can then look to prioritise on-page content and SEO.

5. SEO and PPC Complement Each Other
Whereas SEO takes time to see results, PPC can effect change relatively quickly. However, PPC/AdWords can become expensive because you’re paying per click, whereas the investment into SEO can see returns well into the future. Thus the two complement each other well in terms of covering all bases for short and long term strategy. 

There are a variety of ways to think about SEO and PPC working together. If you’re just starting with SEO, you can use PPC as a supplement to gain website traffic quickly while you’re waiting for your SEO strategy to kick in. Or if you want to pursue an aggressive strategy, you can leverage PPC to bid on competitor keywords or outrank them to appear above them in the paid search results. That way you’ll get a better positioning in the paid results and have your SEO doing its job down below in the organic results.

You can also use PPC to explore new keyword markets for their potential conversion factor; then create an SEO campaign to go after those markets to reduce your CPC (cost-per-click) and CPA (cost-per-acquisition).

The key takeaway though, is that by having your two experts talk to each other you’ll be on your way to SERP domination! And see more traffic to your website with better results. 

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