Custom Web Development Project Launch — SiDCOR


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SiDCOR Chartered Accountants is located in Newcastle, however their client base covers both Australia and overseas. They are now one of the country’s leading accountancy firms employing more than 70 staff.

“There is nothing traditional about SIDCOR especially when compared to other firms. We are the disruption to the norm and the change business owners need and want.”

SiDCOR wanted a website that was different and far from boring to reflect their unique position in the market. In collaboration Made By Ronocco (design) and Zimpleweb (custom web development) were able to produce an outstanding result in the new SiDCOR website.

One of the cool things you notice right away are the animated elements on the home page that draw your attention to different services and calls to action. It adds a nice touch visually and can provide instruction to the user of where to click or go to next.

The most impressive thing about this project is the ability for the client to customise the look and feel. If you look at the inner pages, say the 'Values' page for example, it is based on a templated layout that determines how the boxes are laid out, which have just text with a solid background and which have a text overlay in front of a background image.

The client has the freedom to choose from several different layouts with customisable options within each if they wanted to rearrange the boxes, change the look of the text, and so on. This solution provides all the benefits of a custom built website but with the ability to be visually dynamic.


Sam graduated from University of Newcastle with a Bachelor's of Computer Science in 2012. He is up to date with most of the current coding languages such as PHP, Java, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript and even a couple of ancient ones like Smarty. He is also zimpleweb's go to guy when calculating gambling odds.

Oohhh myy gooshh you Clicked the link!!???

There are 2 buttons below, one takes you back to the zimpleweb website, the other absolutely annihilates the entire planet destroying everything in it and obliterating half of the solar system, thus turning thousands of years of human progress into small, fragmented pieces of space rubble.


While your total disregard for our entire civilisation is concerning, your willingness to take a chance and try something new (albeit armageddon) makes you the ideal zimpleweb client so you really should get in contact, ASAP!

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