Excellence in Branding and Marketing 2016 Award Winners


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We’re chuffed!

Zimpleweb is proud to be the winner of the Lake Macquarie Business Awards 2016 Excellence in Branding and Marketing Award. We had a fantastic night on Saturday at the Gala Dinner with all of the other great finalists and winners in the region.

Our aim is to create beautiful online experiences through branding and marketing. To see our most recent branding design and marketing project, click here to view the AHC (Australian Hairdressing Council) portfolio page.



Your brand identity is the way your business is recognised; the all-important logo, typography and font choices, colours, imagery, and language. Our goal is to make your brand truly represent your business values and stand out from the competition.


Your brand should be carried throughout your marketing activities from your business cards to your advertising campaigns, social media and emails. Your brand should be tailored to your target market to be an effective communication tool.

You can read more about our Design services here

Highlights from the Awards Night

One of the night's highlights was taking a limo to the awards and rocking out to the team's favourite song, The 7th Element by Vitas.

Here's another team pic at the Gala Dinner.

To discuss your branding and marketing, get in touch


Director / Digital Strategist

Nathan leads zimpleweb's B2B sales and Digital Marketing team. Certified in Google Analytics and Google Adwords, Nathan's ability to understand clients needs whilst connecting business objectives and digital outcomes will ensure your business has unmatched decision support in a competitive digital environment.

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While your total disregard for our entire civilisation is concerning, your willingness to take a chance and try something new (albeit armageddon) makes you the ideal zimpleweb client so you really should get in contact, ASAP!

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