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After attempting to create a website with one of the numerous online DIY website builders, Autoserv found themselves frustrated with the process and the final result. This poor experience was one of the main reasons that lead Autoserv to Zimpleweb and our expertise.

Being set the task of producing an end product that matched their requested concept we have designed and developed a website that aligns perfectly with their brand and values.

With their headquarters being based in New Zealand, we made stylistic decisions that helped tie the website with their home land. The main aesthetical cue is the black and white diagonal stripes found running across the home page slider and all page banners.

Some other elements of the new website that are worth mentioning include; the custom built navigation which matches the angles of the diagonal stripes, the product category icons which allow the user to quickly find the products they are looking for and the product pages themselves which present the product images in a way that is a little more exciting and intriguing than other approaches.

The final product is a user friendly and responsive website that helps Autoserv present themselves and the brands they work with a professional and modern manner.

Check out the website at

UX Designer

Graduating from the CATC Design School, Sydney, in 2014, Dillon already has the experience of designing over 150 business websites. Although his expertise lie in digital design, whilst studying Dillon founded his own magazine which resulted in him being awarded the DIA (Design Institute of Australia) Professional Encouragement Award.

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