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I Am Here provides 24/7 respite services for children and adults with acquired brain injury (ABI), cerebral palsy, physical, intellectual and other lesser-known disabilities. It is a place that gives carers and their loved ones a real break, an opportunity to rejuvenate.

The I Am Here website needed to be designed and built with care to best reflect their brand and services. In collaboration, Pete de Jong (Communications), February (Design) and Zimpleweb (Custom Web Development) were able to produce an outstanding result.

The website had to provide information and appeal to a variety of users including I Am Here guests and their families, carers and volunteers, case managers and health professionals, and sponsors.

We developed some key features to make the website user-friendly to all users, including:

  • Text to speech feature as requested by the client that reads text aloud to make the content accessible via audio format.
  • The ability to size the text larger or small for easier viewing and greater readability.
  • Custom built search engine to allow a user to easily find information on the site as opposed to using a standard existing plugin.

These considerations help lead the Web to its full potential to be accessible, enabling people with disabilities to participate equally on the web. Such features that remove barriers to communication and interaction should be considered across all websites, particularly those within the government and healthcare industries.

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Sam graduated from University of Newcastle with a Bachelor's of Computer Science in 2012. He is up to date with most of the current coding languages such as PHP, Java, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript and even a couple of ancient ones like Smarty. He is also zimpleweb's go to guy when calculating gambling odds.

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