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Our latest project was for a client, Nirvana Imports, launching a brand new business specialising in Asian wares. Their products are handcrafted, unique items sourced from sustainable and recycled timbers. As such, they needed a unique website to match and good branding.

The Nirvana Imports website launch showcases all the service offerings of Zimpleweb coming together seamlessly.

Nirvana Imports needed a full branding suite - everything from digital design (logos, fonts, colour scheme) to printed materials (business cards, product swing tags), e-commerce functionality whereby customers could shop online, google apps setup for smooth business processes, and a social media campaign to build their audience and gain traction in their market.

Project Requirements:

E-commerce Web Dev
Google Apps Implementation
Social Media Campaign


With Nirvana Imports selling unique Asian products, an emphasis on the visual elements was key. Their branding had to align with the products they were going to be selling whilst also conveying a strong commercial and professional feel.

Starting with their logo, the challenge was set to create the golden Buddha face as this was key to aligning Nirvana Imports with the products and the cultures behind the brand. The typeface accompanying the Buddha head was chosen to help reinforce the oriental themes that surrounds Nirvana Imports’ products.

The monochrome colour scheme with the gold embellishments acts a modern and stylish approach to a niche industry heavily populated with natural and environmentally influenced colours.

Consistent branding is always essential and therefore our design team created a whole collection of branding material for Nirvana Imports to use to throughout their day to day proceedings. These branding materials included items such as business cards, letterheads and swing tags.  

E-Commerce Web Dev

Nirvana Imports needed their website to be e-commerce so that customers could buy products online.

Our web dev team built a custom CMS (Content Management System) to the client’s needs where they could upload their entire product catalogue. This allows Nirvana Imports to have all their products showing online and keep it current as they get new shipments.

With regards to e-commerce, the web dev team made a smooth shopping cart checkout process capturing the required details with the ability for discount codes. Both Paypal and Stripe payment methods were integrated to give customers flexible payment options.

Google Apps

Furthermore, our hosting team got Nirvana Imports onto Google Apps so that they could efficiently run their business. With Google Apps they got:

  • professional company email addresses using their domain name

  • email spam filtering

  • email security

  • cloud storage

Social Media Campaign and Email list building

For Nirvana Imports, our digital marketing team helped them get started on Facebook and Instagram. We knew we needed to do something excited to build an audience and generate the first sales to get the ball rolling. So we held a social media competition and advertised it on Facebook and Instagram.

Doing a campaign this way accomplished a few things:

  • Get more page likes and engagement to build an audience. Users are encouraged to share with friends.

  • Generates excitement over the possibility of winning a prize! Makes the brand fun and the customers feel appreciated.

  • Build an email list by integrating the contest with MailChimp to capture contact details. Nirvana Imports now has a list of people they can communicate with to make future sales.

Just off of this initial digital marketing campaign, we achieved 300 new Facebook page likes for Nirvana Imports with a good audience following, 58 email subscribers, plus product sales worth over $3,000!


For clients who are starting a brand new business in their market, using Zimpleweb’s full range of services (from branding to web dev to digital marketing) means they can have a successful launch with a visual brand that’s on point and an enthusiastic audience.

UX Designer

Graduating from the CATC Design School, Sydney, in 2014, Dillon already has the experience of designing over 150 business websites. Although his expertise lie in digital design, whilst studying Dillon founded his own magazine which resulted in him being awarded the DIA (Design Institute of Australia) Professional Encouragement Award.

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