Project Launch — Suki


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With some of the industry’s finest hairdressers, Suki has succeeded in making some of the most memorable waves in hair and fashion. Their style evolves from unique individuals who maintain a fresh outlook on life and style. Their creative playground is responsible for numerous award-winning photographic collections and major industry titles.

Zimpleweb was tasked with presenting Suki in a way that showcased their edge and professionalism. Taking the approach of giving the powerful custom imagery, supplied by David Mannah, just as much importance as the content, we created a website that reached the goal of executing an outstanding final product that holds true to the Suki brand. The website maintains the strengths of Suki’s brand and philosophy as a collective of creative professionals who empower a new cult of hairdressers with education for change.

The brief was for the website to be visual and not heavily influenced by traditional website design so an experimental side navigation was created to work with and complement the imagery whilst still allowing the user to easily find their way through the site. Additionally, we added a reactive cursor transition to the image of the home page which helps bring the website to the forefront of web dev/design capabilities. Check out the site on desktop to see it in action.

In addition to Suki loving their new website, Zimpleweb were fortunate to receive a nomination for ‘Site of the Day’ on AWWWARDS and win ‘Site of the Day’ on Mindsparkle Mag.

UX Designer

Graduating from the CATC Design School, Sydney, in 2014, Dillon already has the experience of designing over 150 business websites. Although his expertise lie in digital design, whilst studying Dillon founded his own magazine which resulted in him being awarded the DIA (Design Institute of Australia) Professional Encouragement Award.

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