Design overview

Through our user experience research on the AHC’s old website we found that there were three
levels of navigation that could be simplified into one clear and concise solution. Our
direction, with a cleaner navigation, has resulted in a much friendlier
user flow and experience.

Inner pages

With Digital Marketing in mind our inner pages have been designed to be friendlier with Google's guidelines to meet their engagement criteria. As individual landing pages they enable the AHC to meet their desired Digital Marketing goals.

Responsive design

Nowadays the majority of people are online and viewing websites via their mobile phones and/or tablets. Therefore it is absolutely essential for websites to be able to respond to different devices and their screen sizes.

Australian Hairdressing Council AHC Responsive Designs
The Back end

The AHC have a custom developed CMS and CRM system (two systems in one) made specifically to suit their needs. From the one login location, AHC administrators can log in to modify the content of their site, update their members' details, view finance reports on membership payments, and much more. The custom nature of the CMS allows complete freedom for the design of the website, rather than building a website that is constrained by the CMS.

Australian Hairdressing Council AHC Home Design
Fonts and colours

The direction we took with the fonts chosen was to portray the AHC in the themes of established, modern and stylish. With the use of the serif font, PT Serif we targeted the sense of establishment and displayed the AHC as modern and stylish with the font, Questrial.

The colours used were pre-existing from the AHC’s already strong branding. Red was used as the primary colour to draw attention being bright and bold. Gold being a strong and stylish colour used as an embellishment throughout the site and black being the neutral and subtle colour that brings the other two colours together.

Headings and titles


Body text

pt serif
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