Design overview

The new Clarendon site was designed and built around creating an experience for new
Clarendon customers, exsisting Clarendon clients while also allowing Clarendon
staff to modify the site, add new homes, features, floorplans and
automatically update their databases on
and The site is proficient on all
types and sizes of devices.

Inner pages

With Digital Marketing in mind our inner pages have been designed to be friendlier with Google’s guidelines to meet their engagement criteria. Due to a protracted buying cycle in new home building markets, our team were considerate of multiple conversion types from branding and information conveyance through to enquiry and retention.

Responsive design

Around 25% of Clarendon Homes' traffic comes through mobile devices, and 10% through tablets. Our team identified this in our research into Clarendon's analytics. The new site was designed with this in mind. On mobile phones especially, a lot of the functionality was simplified to give mobile users an unique, clean viewing experience.

Clarendon Homes Responsive Designs
The Back end

The real magic in the Clarendon Homes site is the custom back end, designed, tailored and built to the dynamic needs of the Clarendon sales staff. The content, imagery, homes and other changing aspects of the site are all controlled through the system, allowing Clarendon staff to keep the site updated and fresh at the click of a button.

Clarendon Homes Home Design
Fonts and colours

Clarendon Homes have a very specific colour scheme which we converted from CMYK to HEX for the website. The use of blues and greys flow throughout the site, keeping the look and feel on brand. NSW and QLD sites both have their own fonts. We picked fonts that were close to their brand, but web friendly, making sure that there was consistency throughout their print and web marketing materials.

Headings and titles


Body text

Open sans
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