Terms & Conditions

The team at Zimpleweb pride themselves in building custom built, affordable performance websites, proving clients with a unique digital experience.

By signing this agreement, you (the Client) understand and accept the following conditions:

The following items outlined in our terms and conditions will stand as indicated on our invoice the responsibility is upon you (the client) to understand and accept the following terms, any questions or disputes need be raised prior to enter agreements with Zimpleweb.com.

    Design Content

  1. Designs are all individually created by our experienced and dedicated team.
    1. There is no verbal content or agreement. All designs are agreed upon and documented for written and signed agreement, both for design and time frame.
    2. Zimpleweb reserves the right to retain deposit if client documentation is required and client has failed to make/return contact/dcoumentation with/for Zimpleweb for 15 working days.
    3. If design time frame agreement is modified or altered, resulting in the reschedule of the project, additional costs will be incurred by the client. This additional cost will be separate to the original invoice.
    4. Zimpleweb reserves the right to add additional charges for any changes that are made outside the scope of the originally agreed project.
    5. Time frames vary from web design to web design. Zimpleweb reserves the right to levy redesigns beyond the initial design concept and time frame at no additional cost to the Client.
  2. Payment Terms

  3. Web design costs vary based on individual designs and mutually agreed time frame. Holiday periods are taken into account when time frames are being negotiated.
    1. Quote is valid for 14 days. Commencement of the project is conditional to the mutually agreed date with the project manager.
    2. Zimpleweb reserves the right to add additional charges for any changes that may be made on the original designs.
    3. A 50% deposit is required for all projects. This deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance is to be paid at the completion of the project.
    4. Zimpleweb will not ‘make websites live’ until all monies outstanding have been paid in full.
    5. If a deposit is made and supporting documentation required to pass through procurement phase into design is not provided within 7 weeks Zimpleweb reserves the right to not proceed with the project and retain all deposits.
  4. Limitation of Liability

  5. Copywriting is the responsibility of the Client. If unsure the Client should seek independent legal advice.
    1. Zimpleweb accepts no responsibility for any pre-recorded, registered, patented or copy righted sounds, music, text, images etc that the client wishes to utilise on their website.
    2. Zimpleweb provides no guarantee regarding the availability of the client’s chosen hosting service. Zimpleweb and its search engine optimisation service provide no guarantee with respect to search engine rankings, positioning, speed and performance and resultant demand for sales of the client’s products and services.
    3. Once the website is live, Zimpleweb relinquishes any responsibility for the data and payments for hosting.
    4. Zimpleweb reserves the right to cancel the project with no refund of monies paid, at any time, should these terms and conditions not be met. Written notice will be given. Zimpleweb is not liable for any loss or damage arising from the cancellation.
    5. Any cancellation of a project, made by the Client, must be made in writing and will be subjected to loss of deposit of the full cost of the project.
    6. The Client relinquishes the right to sue for damages or reimbursement or lodge a claim that may arise from any misinterpretation made.
    7. The Client, by paying deposit, accepts the terms and conditions outlined in this document.
  6. Site Responsive and Mobile Devices

  7. New mobile devices are always being brought out, and we do not support every one of them. Old devices are not compatible with new coding practices and we do not accept responsibility of new websites working on old devices. The following is a list of devices Zimpleweb checks responsive compatibility for:
    1. Apple iPad 3 / 4 Landscape (1024px X 768px)
    2. Apple iPhone 5 Portrait (320px X 568px)
    3. Apple iPhone 6 Portrait (375px X 667px)
    4. Samsung Galaxy S5 Portrait (360px X 640px)
    Additional mobile devices for responsive consideration must be discussed and agreed upon by both the client and Zimpleweb, and may incur an additional fee outside the original quote or invoice.
  8. Browser Compatability

  9. Internet browsers are always being updated to give users of the internet access to new and improved features. At Zimpleweb we try to make the internet more beautiful to look at and easier to browse by using these new technologies. Our websites are supported on the following browsers:
    1. Google Chrome version 50 and above
    2. FireFox version 46 and above
    3. Internet Explorer version 10 and above
    4. Microsoft Edge branch 10586 and above
    Additional browser compatability must be discussed and agreed upon by both the client and Zimpleweb, and may incur an additional fee outside the original quote or invoice.
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